Thursday, February 19, 2009


OK. I haven't gotten around to showing the Key to Melissa yet, but I will. Eventually. Maybe. ok, I'm not going to. 'Lissa will just brush it off like it's not a big deal. Maybe not to you, but it's freaking me out! I let Harkness sniff it, and nothing. No glow, no hum, no nothing. Great. I get stuck with the wierd key. Oy. I did tell Kim about it though. She picked it up, and-this is really wierd-she said she heard humming. But it didn't glow! So whytheheckdoesitglowwhenItouchit? Ideas? Please? HELP! (And I can just hear someone telling me, 'Ponine. You're 16 going on 17. Grow up a little! Well, normally I'm very mature. But how often do you find a glowing key?)


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